The main objective of the MSH is promoting any interdisciplinary research involving social and human sciences (SHS) in line with the scientific strategy of the SHS Department of the University Paris-Saclay. The specificity of the MSH Paris-Saclay with respect the other MSH in France is the strategic development of the interdisciplinarity between the SHS and the other sciences existing in our research university (such as mathematics, physics, computer sciences and biology). The MSH contributes also to federating the SHS forces scattered all over the institutions within UPSaclay (in the framework of the site policy (politique de site) recommended by the Alliance ATHENA). Eventually, the MSH, as a service unit, will host new platforms and database, and provide mutualized services to the SHS community of the University Paris-Saclay.

The current project of the MSH Paris-Saclay is under revision after a cartography of the existing interdisciplinary research in the UPSaclay. 6 research lines clearly emerge. The first line is focused on (big) data, networks and modeling (almost 400 SHS researchers and PhD students are involved). The second one is about the ecological concerns (energetic transition, global warming, cities: around 300 researchers and students interested). The third research block is on culture and cultural heritage (over 150 researchers and students). The fourth research line addresses the globalization and regulation issues (over 200 researchers and students), while the fifth and the sixth ones consider respectively the innovation issue in connection with sciences and technologies (about 100 researchers and students) and the health of tomorrow (health systems, biotechnologies and cyber-medicine with about 100 researchers and students).

In the future, researchers working on the same interdisciplinary topic (transversalité) will be gathered to exchange and developing new common researches. The financial funds at the disposal of the MSH will catalyze these exchanges through targeted calls.

Stefano BOSI
Professor of economics
Director of the MSH Paris-Saclay

  • 61 Avenue du Président Wilson
    94230 Cachan